Large-scale use of office tools and statistical analysis applications indicates that they have sufficed well for some of the everyday tasks in our work cycles such as analysis, presentation, reporting, and decision-making.

Nevertheless, they were designed in an era when the business data was not ‘big’ and complex enough. Evergrowing avalanche of the data that we collect for our businesses compels us to find new means to understand, share, and report the underlying ideas, and to make decisions for the future. We implemented a tabletop hybrid visual analytics system comprised of projection, depth camera and physical visualization with the aim of supporting these tasks better by making the data physically available.

We conducted a case study with an analysis team of a nationwide bank and made a series of observations and interviews during their data analysis and decision-making sessions. Our study revealed that the hybrid visual analytics system approach promotes idea sharing and contribution of all members of the group during the presentation sessions. It also seems to change the common one-way structure of the communication in the presentation sessions into some other structure that encourages everyone to take the floor.

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