SBM Insurance Fraud Project

Insurance fraud in the form of fake or fabricated car accidents is a common form of fraud in Turkey. Each year car insurance companies in Turkey make payments of millions of dollars to insurance holders, and a non-negligible portion of this constitutes payments due to fraud.

Customer Churn Analysis

The main aspect of this research is to understand when, how and why banking customers churn away from banking products. When do they stop using a credit card or depositing cash into their accounts?

Progressive Visual Exploratory Analysis

Visual analytics can be considered as an interactive and iterative dialogue between the human and the computer where the interactive analysis process is a sequence of actions by the user and responses by the computer motivated by an analytical question.


Data visualization in the form of sculptures is an interesting and emerging area of research. While computer-based 2D and 3D graphical displays are quite common, data sculptures are getting more attention as visualization aids, as they offer an additional dimension for further analysis of data. In this research, we investigate new ways of visualizing Akbank’s credit card transaction data in [...]


Large-scale use of office tools and statistical analysis applications indicates that they have sufficed well for some of the everyday tasks in our work cycles such as analysis, presentation, reporting, and decision-making.